How To Make Your Popularity Of Smartphones Look Amazing In 9 Days

For the 1st time ever, more than half of mobile phones sold in globally are smartphones. More than ever before, customers are on the lookout for the greatest mobile offers on hi-tech smartphones instead of a normal handset.

Android is the clear leader when it comes to operating strategies, accounting for 8 in ten phones sold. Experts predict that Android’s success will only rise as time goes on.

It has been noted that in China and Central America, the sales of old style mobiles declined the most drastically. In Latin America & Asia, clients rushed to replace their old mobile with a smartphone.

Samsung have proven to be the dominant industry leader once again, with more than 80 million handset sold during this quarter. Way behind Samsung is Apple who sold 30 million handsets this quarter.

A spokesperson from the research company stated that older style mobile phones are declining at a rapid pace. According to officials, all market growth can be attributed to smartphones.

In third place were Lenovo, who sold 12 million smartphones this quarter. The remaining sales were by other manufacturers who sold 126 million handsets.

It is predicted that by the end of 2013, mobile phone sales will be at a rate of 1.81 billion, 3% more than the end of 2012. It is predicted that older consumers will flock to purchase little tablets in the near future.

Research has verified that smartphones accounted for 55 per cent of all mobile phones sold in the world during the final quarter of 2013. In terms of numbers, this was a total of 250 million smartphones sold, compared to 171 million this time last year.

The geographic fields where old mobile telephone sales are declining the most speedily are the sectors where the average smartphone cost is similar. When faced with the best mobile deals plus a choice between a smartphone along with a traditional mobile telephone, there is no guessing which a client would pick.

Customers are often on the lookout for the best mobile deals by Apple, as their popularity surges. Since last year, Apple’s sales have risen by an amazing 23 per cent.