The Battle Over Smartphones Become More Popular And How To Win It

For the very first time ever, more than half of mobile phones sold in globally are smartphones. More than ever before, shoppers are trying to find the finest mobile deals on hi-tech smartphones instead of a standard handset.

The report has revealed that in the third quarter of this year, smartphones accounted for 55% of all mobile phone sales worldwide. In terms of numbers, this was a total of 250 million smartphones sold, compared to 171 million this time last year.

In locations where the least expensive smartphone fee matches a time-honored mobile price, the sales of time-honored mobiles are most rapidly declining. When faced with the finest mobile deals and a choice between a smartphone and a traditional mobile phone, there is no guessing which a customer would select.

In terms of operating programs, Android is the dominant international leader, with more than 80 per cent of phones sold working with the platform. It is predicted that the use of Android will continue to grow in the coming future.

A spokesman from the researchers has noted that old mobile phones are quickly declining in recognition. According to officials, all industry growth can be attributed to smartphones.

Lenovo came in 3rd position, selling 12 million handsets this quarter. All other manufacturers accounted for 126 million sales throughout this quarter.

Apple continues to go from strength to strength as their customers search for the best mobile offers. Since last year, Apple’s sales have risen by an impressive 23 per cent.