Top Mobile Phone Deals Secrets

A new report has proven that more than half of mobile phones sold in the world are smartphones, for the first time in history. Customers are keen to look for the finest mobile offers on a multi functional smartphone rather than a basic handset.

Experts think that by the end of the year, mobile phone sales will be 3 per cent higher than in the same time during 2012. It is predicted that older shoppers will flock to purchase minimal tablets in the near future.

In locations where the least expensive smartphone cost matches a traditional mobile charge, the sales of time-honored mobiles are most rapidly declining. When faced with two of the greatest mobile offers, one for a smartphone & 1 for a non smartphone, it is clear which one will be most well-liked.

In sectors such as Central America & China, we saw the demand for old style mobile phones lower speedily. In Latin America & Asia, buyers rushed to replace their old mobile with a smartphone.

A spokesperson from the analysis company stated that older style mobile phones are declining at a rapid pace. Experts have noted that it’s only smartphones which have experienced growth.

In third place were Lenovo, who sold 12 million smartphones this quarter. All other producers accounted for 126 million sales in the course of this quarter.

Apple continues to go from strength to strength as their buyers seek out the best mobile deals. Apple has enjoyed a 23 per cent rise in sales compared to this time last year.